Breakfast Briefing Series - Apr 26, 2016

Who's Who in 2016: Exploring the Exciting BioPharma Venture Ride

Speaker: Jonathan Norris | Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 26, 8:00-10:00 AM (EDT)
Place: JLABS @ LabCentral
           700 Main Street
           Cambridge, MA

Pricing: $15 | General Public
            $10 | Student/Academic
            $25 | Onsite

Speaker Bio:
Jonathan Norris is a managing director for SVB's Healthcare practice. Norris oversees business development efforts for banking and lending opportunities as well as spearheading strategic relationships with many healthcare venture capital firms. He also helps SVB Capital through sourcing and advising on limited partnership allocations. In addition, he speaks at major investor and industry conferences and authors widely cited analyses of healthcare venture capital trends. Norris has more than sixteen years of banking experience working with healthcare companies and venture capital firms. Norris earned a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of California, Riverside and a juris doctorate from Santa Clara University.

2015 was a wild ride; what can we expect in 2016? What does it take to go IPO and when are acquirers engaging in M&A? This presentation will explore the current state of the BioPharma venture world and include the following topics: 

    • What does it take to go IPO and when are acquirers engaging in M&A? 
    • Explore current equity financings vs. the last three years
    • Analysis of which venture firms are most active
    • The crossover phenomenon and what does it mean for your company? 
         - Which crossovers are investing and at which stage
         - Step-up in private equity rounds
         - IPO pre-money valuation and IPO success
    • Exits: the trend to early stage M&A in Biopharma, and explore time to exit, up front and all-in values, and multiples on capital invested by indication. 
    • IPOs:
         - Types of IPOs completed since 2013 and changes in 2015
         - Average dollars raised and pre money by indication

At the end of this talk you should be informed as to who is investing in BioPharma and comps for M&A and IPO in your indication.

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