BPC Collaborator Event - CBIZ MHM & CLSA Present: R&D and Other Credits

CBIZ MHM & CLSA Present: R&D and Other Credits

**PLEASE NOTE: We will not accept registrations from individuals or companies offering competitive services to CBIZ and MHM.**

Registration and Networking: 11:30am
Presentation: 12:00 - 1:30pm
Networking: 1:30 - 2:00pm

Presentation by:
Raj Rajan, Managing Director, National Technical Lead - R&D Tax Credits, CBIZ MHM

Research and Development Tax Credits for Start-up, Early Stage and Private and Public Companies
The research and development tax credit is a key government cash incentive meant to keep jobs in the US. Recent legislation has made the credit permanent and further enhanced it to benefit more companies than ever before. However, it is extremely misunderstood area for business owners and CPAs and is a missed opportunity for a significant number of companies in a variety of industries.
You should attend if:

  • You spent significant dollars in developing or improving products or processes or machinery in order remain competitive or an industry leader
  • You come up with new applications or delivery methods for already existing drugs
  • Employees at your companies wear many hats including assisting those in the development department
  • You capture development cost but are uncertain you are maximizing your claim
  • You have or share rights for any patents, trade secrets or intellectual property for new products, processes or technologies
  • You employ engineers, chemists or programmers
  • You looked at the R&D credit in the past and determined that you were facing limitations on using the credits
  • You have less than five years of gross revenue and are trying to develop something to take to market
  • You made any of changes to your production processes related to cost efficiencies, including: new ingredients, formulations, materials, automation, reduced energy consumption, new ways to manufacture or assemble a business component

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